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  • Establishment year : 1995
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Burbank Lawyers specializes in all criminal charges, including DUI, drug
charges, petty theft, hit and run, airport offenses such as possession of drugs,
marijuana, weapons and illegal items. The local lawyers appear in the Court on its clients’ behalf for most of the matters. The Law firm has the home town advantage and knows the
"ins and outs" of the local Burbank Court, the Pasadena Court, Glendale Court,
the Judges and the Los Angeles District Attorney and City Prosecutor's office.

With over twenty years of combined experience, the attorneys are uniquely
qualified to handle the cases. The law firm handles cases related Burbank DUI, DWI, drunk driving, petty theft, burglary, possession of illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin,
methamphetamine, cocaine, gun charges, domestic violence, spousal abuse
speeding tickets, internet 288 arrest, reckless driving, airport charges,
shoplifting, assault and battery, public intoxication, under the influence,
trespassing, resisting arrest, Hit and Run, drug paraphernalia, driving on a
suspended or revoked license, disorderly conduct, fraud lawyer, credit card theft,
perjury, DMV APS license suspensions, negligent operator suspension, 290
registration, criminal city code violations, contracting without a license juvenile
law, bench warrant recall, failure to appear, illegal weapons possession, reduction
of bail / release on O.R., sales of narcotics, expungement of convictions, illegal
search and seizure, search warrant law and all serious misdemeanor and felony
cases in the City of Burbank, Pasadena and Glendale Criminal Court.


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Criminal Law

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Principal Contact: Greg Caplan
Experience: Principal attorney
Former Burbank City Prosecutor and District Attorney
Seasoned criminal attorney dealing with specific Burbank criminal, DUI or traffic charges
Prior to joining Burbank Lawyers, he spent 3 years as a deputy district attorney and 6
years after that as a city prosecutor in the Burbank Court in Los
Angeles County
Intricate knowledge of the Burbank justice system offers the clients a unique "inside information"

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