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  • Contact Person Name : Vladislav Beloglazov
  • Establishment year : 1991
  • Attorney in main Office : -
  • All Attorney : 1
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The Pacific Law Agency is one of the largest Russian legal organizations, working in the Far East of Russia and in Asian and Pacific countries (Japan, Korea, China, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore).

History of the company and professional lawyer's talents have conditioned the original style of procedure, based on tried-and-true, centuries-long experience of its foreign legal partners and the company’s own innovations. Using a reasonable combination of conservative and innovative, the firm is capable of providing legal and information services according to customer’s special needs.

The network of partnership companies in Sakhalin, Moscow, and abroad — in the USA, Europe, Asian and Pacific countries. The firm’s main areas of activities are business law and business consulting. The mission of the firm is to facilitate the prosperity and success of its customers and Russian business society as a whole by preventing possible business conflicts. The firm’s actions are aimed to resolve business issues peacefully — its practice shows that it is often for the best of both parties. Currently about 40% of proceedings handled by the Pacific Law Agency are legal lawsuits. The rest are projects concerning enterprise legal support and pre-trial resolution of various issues.

The law firm’s services are multifold. Whatever the stage of company’s development is, the customer will always receive timely help and quality support from the Pacific Law Agency.


Area of Practice

Banking and Finance
Intellectual Property Law
Real Estate
State Local and Municipal Law
International Law
Legal Malpractice
Securities Law
Immigration Law
Litigation and Appeals
Business and Commercial
Antitrust and Trade Regulation
Labor Law

Lawyer's Profile


Principal Contact: Ilya V. Kaindin


In 2001 he has graduated from International Law faculty of the Far East State University Law magna cum laude
June 2003: successfully graduated from the international tax law course at the Robert Kennedy college (Delemont, Switzerland)
Speaks fluent English


Has rich experience of law-enforcement practice and legal support of Russian and foreign customers in various fields of law including contract law, maritime law, corporate law, legal lien, customs law, bankruptcy legislation, tax law, currency regulation and control law, banking law, and arbitrage

Specialization: -

International law
- International arbitrage
- International taxes
- Legal aid in foreign economic affairs
- Investment project support
- Corporate law
- Restructuring
- Mergings
- Maritime and fishing law
- Natural resources
- Taxes and customs
- Property law
- Contract law
- Legal lien
- Banking and currency law
- Employment law
- Legal audit
- Other services

Clients / Practice

Clients :
Our customers are: - Russian and foreign companies; - Well-known foreign law firms; - Government-owned enterprises; - Public organizations. Food and beverages The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (Moscow) — the Coca-Cola Company’s representative office in Russia. The Coca-Cola Company (USA) – world’s largest soft drinks company. Mars LLC Russia (Russia) — world’s largest food and pet food manufacturer. Wrigley LLC (Moscow) — representative branch of the Wrigley’s Company
one of the largest chewing gum manufacturers
entering Fortune’s Top 100. NESTLE World Trade Corporation — world’s largest food company.


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