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  • Contact Person Name : Rene Willemsen
  • Establishment year : 1988
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  • All Attorney : 1
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GMW Advocaten is one of the biggest legal firms based in The Hague, offering a unique mix of legal services. The 25 attorneys at GMW offer top legal expertise in a wide variety of fields, combined with a down-to-earth, hands-on approach. Working together in teams, its attorneys can quickly gather information and legal opinions for cases that require more than one field of expertise.

The firm’s attorneys are in court on a daily basis; changes in the legal system and innovations in the handling of cases are promptly implemented in new and efficient solutions. The firm has a foot in both camps –local experts with an international mindset, always focussed on the bigger picture of the unique situation that client faces. Aware of the ins and outs of the expat lifestyle GMW has established a Legal Desk for Expats, assisting expatriates in all realms of their lives in The Netherlands.

The law firm believes in promptness and efficiency, keeping all lines of communication open. To optimise its services, the firm works closely together with specialised accountants, civil-law notaries and tax consultants.


Area of Practice

Intellectual Property Law
Real Estate
Securities Law
Legal Malpractice
Estate Planning
Banking and Finance
Internet - Cyberspace Law
Litigation and Appeals
Labor Law
Entertainment Sports and Leisure Law
Business and Commercial
Antitrust and Trade Regulation
Family Planning

Lawyer's Profile


Name: Rene Willemsen


Law, Catholic University of Nijmegen, 1990


1991-1997: Lawyer at Duijnstee Van der Wilk Advocaten, The Hague
1998-2000: Consultant at Mazars, Rotterdam
2001-2003: Lawyer at Ruig & Partners Advocaten, The Hague
2004-heden: Lawyer at GMW Advocaten, The Hague


Corporate Lae especially advice and litigation related to partnership issues, including liability matters, mergers, transfers, transactions and restructures, advising companies and partnerships in trouble, drafting and assessing commercial contracts and litigation about contracts

Employment Law:

Member of the Association for Trade Law
Member of the Association for Corporation Litigation

Other Languages:

English and German

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