National Defense

Part IV National Defense

Article 149
1. The State shall ensure national defense.

 2. The objectives of national defense shall be to guarantee national independence, territorial integrity and the freedom and security of the population against any aggression or external threat, within the framework of the instituted constitutional order and international law.

Article 150
1. The National Defense Council shall be presided over by the President of the Republic and shall be composed as follows:
  1. Prime Minister;
  2. Minister of Defense;
  3. Minister of the Interior;
  4. Minister of External Relations;
  5. Minister of Finance;
  6. Chief of General Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces.

2. The President of the Republic may summon other entities, by virtue of their expertise, to attend meetings of the National Defense Council.

3. The National Defense Council shall be the consultative body for matters related to national defense and the organization, functioning and discipline of the Armed Forces, and shall have the administrative powers conferred on it by law.

Article 151
1. The Angolan Armed Forces, under the supreme authority of their Commander in Chief, shall owe obedience to the appropriate sovereign bodies, in accordance with the present Law and other statutory legislation, and shall defend the nation militarily.

2. The Angolan Armed Forces, as a State institution shall be permanent, regular and nonpartisan.

3. The Angolan Armed Forces shall be solely composed of national citizens and the general rules of organization and preparation thereof shall be established by law.

Article 152
1. The defense of the country shall be the right and the highest indeclinable duty of every citizen.

2. Military service shall be compulsory. The manner in which it is fulfilled shall be established by law.

 3. Citizens shall not lose permanent employment or other social benefits by virtue of doing national service.