Final Provisions

Chapter VIII

Final Provisions

Article 149. Old Laws

(1) In addition to the present law, the following laws, with the modifications necessitated by this law, shall, within the meaning of Article 44 (1) , be regarded as constitutional law:

    Basic Law of 21 Dec 1867 on the general rights of nationals in the kingdoms and States represented in the Reichs' Congress;

    Law of 27 Oct 1862 on protection of personal liberty;

    Law of 27 Oct 1862 on protection of the rights of the home;

    Resolution of the Provisional National Assembly of 30 Oct 1918;

    Law of 3 April 1919 respecting the banishment and expropriation of property of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine;

    Law of 3 April 1919 on the abolition of the nobility, the secular orders of chivalry, male and female, and of certain titles and dignities;

    Law of 8 May 1919 on the coat of arms and seal of state of the Republic of German-Austria, with the modifications effected by Arts. 2, 5, and 6 of the law of 21 Oct 1919;

    Section V of Part III of the Treaty of Saint-Germain of 10 Sep 1919.

(2) Article 20 of the Basic Law of 21 Dec 1867 as well as the Law of 5 May 1869 issued on the basis of this Article are repealed.

Article 150. Transitional Law

The transition to the Federal Constitution introduced by this law will be prescribed in a special law entering into force simultaneously with the present law.

Article 151. Responsibility

The execution of this law is entrusted to the Federal Government.

Article 152 {...}