People's Power

Section I General

Chapter I People's Power

Article 1:
The source of power:
1. The sole source of state power in the Azerbaijan Republic are the people of Azerbaijan.

2. People of Azerbaijan are citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic living on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic and outside it who are subordinate to the Azerbaijan state and its laws which does not exclude standards of international legislation.

Article 2:
Sovereignty of people:
1. Sovereign right of the Azerbaijanian people is the right of free and independent determination of their destiny and establishment of their own form of governance.

2. The people of Azerbaijan exercise their sovereign right directly-by way of nation-wide voting-referendum, and through their representatives elected based on universal, equal and direct suffrage by way of free, secret and personal ballot.

Article 3:
Questions solved by way of nation-wide voting-referendum:
1. People of Azerbaijan may solve any questions involving their rights and interests by way of referendum.

2. The following questions may be solved only by way of referendum:

a. acceptance of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic and introduction of amendments thereto; change of state borders of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 4:
Right to represent the people:
No one except authorized representatives elected by the people
will have the right to represent the people, speak on behalf of people and to make statements on behalf of people.

Article 5:
Unity of people:
1. The people of Azerbaijan are united.

2. Unity of the Azerbaijanian people constitutes the basis of the Azerbaijanian state. Azerbaijan Republic is mutual and indivisible motherland for all citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 6:
Inadmissibility of usurpation of power:
1. No part of people of Azerbaijan, no social group or organization, no individual may usurp the right for execution of power.

2. Usurpation of power is the most grave crime against the people.