On Policy

Chapter IV On Policy

Article 51: Liberal Democracy, Pluralism, Sovereignty, Powers

1. The Kingdom of Cambodia adopts a policy of Liberal democracy and Pluralism.

2. The Cambodian people are the masters of their country.

3. All powers belong to the people. The people exercise these powers through the National Assembly, the Royal Government, and the Judiciary.

4. The Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial powers are separated.

Article 52: State Goals

The Royal Government of Cambodia protects the independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia, adopts the policy of national reconciliation to insure national unity, and preserves the good national traditions of the country. The Royal Government of Cambodia preserves and protects the law and ensures public order and security. The State gives priority to endeavors which improve welfare and standard of living of the citizens.

Article 53: Neutrality

1. The Kingdom of Cambodia adopts a policy of permanent neutrality and non-alignment. The Kingdom of Cambodia follows a policy of peaceful co-existence with its neighbors and with all other countries throughout the world.

2. The Kingdom of Cambodia may not invade any country, nor interfere in any other country's internal affairs, directly or indirectly, and shall solve any problem peacefully with due respect for mutual interests.

3. The Kingdom of Cambodia may not join in any military alliance or military pact which is incompatible with its policy of neutrality.

4. The Kingdom of Cambodia may not permit any foreign military base on its territory and may not have its own military base abroad, except within the framework of a United Nations request.

5. The Kingdom of Cambodia reserves the right to receive foreign assistance in military equipment, armaments, ammunition, in training of its armed forces, and other assistance for self-defense and to maintain public order and security within its territory.

Article 54: Prohibited Weapons

The manufacturing, use, storage of nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons shall be absolutely prohibited.

Article 55: Incompatible Treaties

Any treaty and agreement incompatible with the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, neutrality, and national unity of the Kingdom of Cambodia is annulled.