Education, Culture, Social Affairs

Chapter VI Education, Culture, Social Affairs

Article 64: Drugs

The State bans and severely punishes those who import, manufacture, or sell illicit drugs, counterfeit and expired goods which affect health and life of the consumers.

Article 65: Education, Sports

1. The State protects and upgrades citizens' rights to quality education at all levels and takes the necessary steps for quality education to reach all citizens.

2. The State respects physical education and sports for the welfare of all Khmer citizens.

Article 66: Educational System

The State establishes a comprehensive and standardized education system throughout the country that guarantees the principles of educational freedom and equality to ensure that all citizens have equal opportunity to earn a living.

Article 67: Educational Programs

1. The State adopts educational programs according to the principle of modern pedagogy including technology and foreign languages.

2. The State controls public and private schools and classrooms at all levels.

Article 68: Free Education

1. The State provides primary and secondary education to all citizens in public schools.

2. The State disseminates and develops the Pali schools and the Buddhist Institutes

Article 69: Language, Culture

1. The State protects and promotes the Khmer language as required.

2. The State preserves ancient monuments, artifacts and restores historic sites.

Article 70: Cultural Offenses

Any offense affecting cultural and artistic heritage carries a severe punishment.

Article 71: Neutral Zones

The perimeter of the national heritage sites as well as heritage that has been classified as world heritage, is considered neutral zones where there may be no military activity.

Article 72: Health Care

1. The health of the people is to be guaranteed. The State gives full consideration to disease prevention and medical treatment. Poor citizens receive free medical consultation in public hospitals, infirmaries, and materializes.

2. The State establishes infirmaries in rural areas.

Article 73: Support

The State gives full consideration to children and mothers. The State establishes nurseries and helps support women and children who have inadequate support.

Article 74: Veterans

The State assists the disabled and the families of combatants who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

Article 75: Social Security System

The State establishes a social security system for workers and employees.