Article 56
Judicial power is independent of the executive power and of the legislative power.

Article 57
The courts are the guardians of the freedoms and of individual property and guard over respect of fundamental rights.

Article 58
Sitting magistrates are only subject to the authority of the law, in the exercise of their functions. They are irremovable.

The Supreme Court

Article 59
The members of the Supreme Court are irremovable. They remain in their functions until eligible for retirement, except in the case of conviction for misdemeanours and crimes, resignation, or definitive incapacity.

Customary and Traditional Rules

Article 60
Until their codification, customary and traditional rules are applicable only in the communities where they are recognised. However, those customs contrary to the public order or those which promote inequality between citizens are forbidden.

Article 61
Customary or traditional rules dictating matrimonial regimes and inheritances may be applied only with the consent of the parties concerned. The same applies in case of conflict between two or more customary rules.

Article 62
Customary or traditional reparation may not be an obstacle to public action.