Article 68
The High Court of Justice is competent to judge the President of the Republic and the members of the government as well as their accomplices in case of high treason. Any deed affecting the republican form, the unification and secularity of the state, the sovereignty, the independence, and the integrity of the national territory is considered a crime of high treason. Considered as high treason are grave and characteristic violations of human rights, embezzlement of public funds, corruption, extortion, traffic in drugs and the introduction of toxic or dangerous waste with a view to their transit, storage or stockpiling on the national territory. The President of the Republic is not responsible for acts committed in the exercise of his functions, except in the case of high treason.

Article 69
Except in the cases of high treason, the members of the government are criminally responsible for their acts before the jurisdiction of common law.

Article 70
The High Court of Justice is bound by the definition of crimes and misdemeanours as well as by the penalties resulting from the penal laws which are in force at the time the deeds were committed.