Costa Ricans

Title II Costa Ric ans

Article 13

The following are Costa Ricans by birth:
  1. A child born within the territory of the Republic to a Costa Rican father or mother;
  2. A child born abroad to a born Costa Rican father or mother, who is registered as such in the Civil Register by the will of the Costa Rican parent during its minority, or by his own will up to the age of twenty-five;
  3. A child born in Costa Rica to foreign parents, who is registered as a Costa Rican by the will of either parent during minority or by his own will up to the age of twenty-five;
  4. An infant, of unknown parents, found in Costa Rica.

Article 14

The following are Costa Ricans by naturalization:
  1. Those who have acquired this nationality under former laws.
  2. Nationals of other countries of Central America and Spaniards and Iberian-Americans by birth, who have resided officially in the country for five years and meet any other requirements prescribed by the law.
  3. Central Americans, Spaniards and Iberian-Americans who are not native-born, and other foreigners who have been domiciled in Costa Rica for at least seven years and meet any other requirements prescribed by the law.
  4. A foreign woman who loses her nationality by marriage to a Costa Rican.
  5. A foreign woman who after being married two years to a Costa Rican, having resided in the country during the same period of time, indicates her desire to acquire the Costa Rican nationality.
  6. Anyone who receives honorary nationality granted by the Legislative Assembly.
  7. (As amended by Law N 7065, May 21, 1987.)

Article 15

Anyone who applies for naturalization must provide evidence of good behavior, demonstrate that he has a known occupation or means of livelihood, show that he speaks, writes and reads in Spanish language, subject himself to a comprehensive test on the history and the values of the country, promise to reside within national territory regularly and swear to respect to the constitutional order of the Republic. (Introducir nota aclaratoria)

The requirements and proceedings to apply for naturalization shall be established by law.
(As amended by Law N7065, May 21, 1987.)

Article 16

Costa Rican nationality is not lost and cannot be waived.
(As amended by Law N 7514, June 6, 1995.

 NOTE: See Transitory Provision concerning persons who may desire to recover the Costa Rican nationality).

Article 17

Acquisition of nationality transcends to minor children in accordance with the regulations established by law.
(As amended by Article 1, Law N 7514, June 6, 1995.)

Article 18
Costa Ricans must observe the Constitution and the laws, serve and defend the country and contribute to the public expenses.