Education and Culture

Title VII Education and Culture

Article 76
Spanish is the official language of the nation.
(As added by Article 2, Law No. 5703, June 6, 1975.)

Article 77
Public education shall be organized as a comprehensive process correlated in its various phases, from preschool to university education.

Article 78
Preschool education and general basic education are compulsory. These levels and the diversified education level are, in the public system, free and supported by the Nation.

Public expenditure in State education, including higher education, shall not be less than six percent (6%) per annul of the gross domestic product, in accordance with the law, without detriment to the provisions of Articles 84 and 85 of this Constitution.

The State shall facilitate the pursuit of higher studies by persons who lack monetary resources. The Ministry of Public Education, through the organization established by law, shall be in charge of awarding scholarships and assistance.
(As amended by Law No 7676, of July 23, 1997)

Article 79

Freedom of teaching is guaranteed. However, all private educational centers shall be under the supervision of the State.

Article 80

Private initiative in educational matters shall be encouraged by the State, in such form as provided by law.

Article 81

A superior board, composed as established by law and presided over by the Ministry of Public Education, shall be in charge of the general direction of public education administration shall be in the hands of a superior board comprised as the law may provide, presided over by the Minister of Public Education. (Redacci in Confusa)

Article 82

The State shall provide food and clothing for indigent pupils, in accordance with the law.

Article 83

The State shall organize and support adult education, designed to combat illiteracy and to provide cultural opportunities for those who wish to improve their intellectual, social, and economic position.

Article 84

The University of Costa Rica is a higher learning institution which enjoys independence in the performance of its functions and has full legal capacity to acquire rights and contract obligations, as well as to determine its own organization and form of government.

Other state institutions of higher education learning at university level shall have the same functional independence and legal capacity that the University of Costa Rica has. The State shall endow them with funds of their own and cooperate in financing them.
(As amended by Law No. 5697, June 9, 1975.)

Article 85

The State shall endow the University of Costa Rica, the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, the National University and the State Remote Education University with their own funds, creating their own revenues for them in addition to those that they themselves may create. It shall also maintain, using the current revenues and any others as may be necessary, a special fund for the financing of State Higher Education.

The Central Bank of Costa Rica shall manage this fund, making the proceeds available in twelfths on a monthly basis to the order of said institutions, in accordance with the distribution determined by the body in charge of the coordination of State Higher Education at university level. The revenues from this special fund cannot be abolished or reduced, if other improvements to replace them are not simultaneously created.

The body in charge of the coordination of State Higher Education at university level shall prepare a national plan for this level of education, taking into account the guidelines established by the National Plan of Development in force.

That plan shall be completed no later than the thirtieth day of June in years divisible by five, covering the next five-year period. It shall include the operating expenditures as well as the investment expenses as may be deemed necessary for a good performance of the institutions specified in this article.

The Executive Branch shall include in the ordinary budget of expenditure of the Republic the appropriate items specified in the plan, adjusted in accordance with the variations in the purchasing power of currency.

Any difference which may arise with regard to the approval of the budgeted amount of the national plan of State Higher Education shall be resolved by the Legislative Assembly.
(As amended by Law No. 6580, May 18, 1981).

Article 86

The State shall provide for the training of professionals in Education, by means of special institutions of the University of Costa Rica and of the other institutions of higher education at university level.
(As amended by Law No. 5697, June 9, 1975).

Article 87

Freedom of teaching is a fundamental principle of university education.

Article 88

For discussion and enactment of bills of law concerning matters under the jurisdiction of the University of Costa Rica or other institutions of higher education at university level, or directly related thereto, the Legislative Assembly shall previously hear the University Council or the respective board of directors of each of them.
(As amended by Law No. 5697, June 9, 1975).

Article 89

The cultural aims of the Republic include: to protect its natural beauty, to preserve and develop the historic and artistic wealth of the Nation, and to support private initiative directed to scientific and artistic progress.