Amendments to the Constitution

Title XVII Amendments to the Constitution

Article 195

The Legislative Assembly may partially amend this Constitution complying strictly with the following provisions:

  1. A proposal asking for the amendment of one or more articles must be submitted to the Assembly at regular sessions, signed by at least ten representatives;
  2. The proposal shall be read three times at intervals of six days, to determine whether or not it shall be admitted for discussion;
  3. If admitted, it shall be sent to a commission appointed by absolute majority of the Assembly, which has to render its opinion within a period of twenty business days;
  4. (As amended by Law No. 6053, June 15, 1977.)
  5. Upon submission of this opinion, it shall be discussed in accordance with the procedure established for enactment of laws; said amendment shall be approved by a vote of no less than two thirds of the entire membership of the Assembly;
  6. Once the amendment has been favorably voted, the Assembly shall prepare the appropriate bill of law through a commission, being an absolute majority enough for its approval;
  7. Said bill of law shall be sent to the Executive Branch, which in turn shall send it with the Presidential Message to the Assembly at the start of the next regular legislative period, with his observations, or his recommendation;
  8. The Legislative Assembly, at its first sessions, shall discuss the bill of law in three debates. If it is approved by a vote of no less than two thirds of the entire membership, it shall become a part of the Constitution and communicated to the Executive Branch for publication and observance thereof.
Article 196

A general amendment of this Constitution can only be made by a Constituent Assembly called for the purpose. A law calling such Assembly shall be passed by a vote of no less than two thirds of the total membership of the Legislative Assembly and does not require the approval of the Executive Branch.
(As amended by Law No. 4123, May 31, 1968.)