heirs and continua tors of the creative work and the traditions of combativeness, firmness, heroism and sacrifice fostered by our ancestors;

by the Indians who preferred extermination to submission;

by the slaves who rebelled against their masters;

by the patriots who in 1868 launched the wars of independence against Spanish colonialism and those who in the last drive of 1895 brought them to victory in 1898, a victory usurped by the military intervention and occupation of Yankee imperialism;

by the workers, peasants, student and intellectuals who struggled for over fifty years against imperialist domination, political corruption, the absence of peoples rights and liberties, unemployment and exploitation by capitalists and landowners;

by those who promoted, joined and developed the first organizations of workers and peasants, spread socialist ideas and founded the first Marxist and Marxist-Leninist movements;

by the members of the vanguard of the generation of the centenary of the birth of Mart who, imbued with his teachings, led us to the peoples revolutionary victory of January;

by those who defended the Revolution at the cost of their lives, thus contributing to its definitive consolidation;

by those who en masses carried out heroic internationalist missions;


by the ideas of Jos Mart and the political and social ideas of Marx, Engels and Lenin;


on proletarian internationalism, on the fraternal friendship, aid, cooperation and solidarity of the peoples of the world, especially those of Latin America and the Caribbean;


to carry forward the triumphant Revolution of the Moncada and of the Gran ma of the Sierra and of Girn under the leadership of Fidel Castro, which sustained by the closest unity of all revolutionary forces and of the people won full national independence, established revolutionary power, carried out democratic changes, started the construction of socialism and, with the Communist Party at the forefront, continues this construction with the final objective of building a communist society;


that all the regimes based on the exploitation of man by man cause the humiliation of the exploited and the degradation of the human nature of the exploiters;

that only under socialism and communism, when man has been freed from all forms of exploitation  slavery, servitude and capitalism  can full dignity of the human being be attained; and
that our Revolution uplifted the country and of Cubans;


our will that the law of laws of the Republic be guided by the following strong desire of Jos Mart, at last achieved;
"I want the fundamental law of our republic to be the tribute of Cubans to the full dignity of man";


by means of our free vote in a referendum, the following: