All citizens have equal rights and are subject to equal duties.


Discrimination because of race, skin color, sex, national origin, religious beliefs and any other form of discrimination harmful to human dignity is forbidden and will be punished by law.

The institutions of the state educate everyone from the earliest possible age in the principle of equality among human beings.

  1. The state consecrates the right achieved by the Revolution that all citizens, regardless of race, skin color, sex, religious belief, national origin and any situation that may be harmful to human dignity:
  2. have access, in keeping with their merits and abilities, to all state, public administration, and production services positions and jobs;
  3. can reach any rank in the Revolutionary Armed Forces and in Security and internal order, in keeping with their merits and abilities;
  4. be given equal pay for equal work;
  5. have a right to education at all national educational institutions, ranging from elementary schools to the universities, which are the same for all;
  6. be given health care in all medical institutions;
  7. live in any sector, zone or area and stay in any hotel;
  8. be served at all restaurants and other public service establishments;
  9. use, without any separations, all means of transportation by sea, land and air;
  10. enjoy the same resorts, beaches, parks, social centers and other centers of culture, sports, recreation and rest.

Women and men have the same rights in the economic, political, cultural and social fields, as well as in the family.

The state guarantees women the same opportunities and possibilities as men, in order to achieve woman's full participation in the development of the country.

The state organizes such institutions as children day-care centers, semi-boarding schools and boarding schools, homes for the elderly and services to make it easier for the working family to carry out its responsibilities.

The state looks after women health as well as that of their offspring, giving working women paid maternity leave before and after giving birth and temporary work options compatible with their maternal activities.

The state strives to create all the conditions which help make real the principle of equality.