The King

Part II The King

Section 5: Reigning no Other Countries

The King shall not reign in other countries except with the consent of the Parliament.

Section 6: Member of the State Church

The King shall be a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Section 7: Of Age With 18 Years

The King shall be of age when he has completed his eighteenth year. The same provision shall apply to the Successor to the Throne.

Section 8: Sworn on the Constitution

The King, prior to his accession to the Throne, shall make a solemn Declaration in writing before the Council of State that he will faithfully adhere to the Constitution Act.

Two identical originals of the Declaration shall be executed, one of which shall be handed over to the Parliament to be preserved in its archives, and the other shall be filed in the Public Record Office. Where the Kin, owing to his absence or for other reasons, is unable to sign the aforesaid Declaration immediately on his accession to the Throne, the government shall, unless otherwise provided by Statute, be conducted by the Council of State until such Declaration has been signed.

Where the King already as Successor to the Throne has signed the aforesaid Declaration, he shall accede to the Throne immediately on its vacancy.

Section 9: Vacancy of the Throne

Provisions relating to the exercising of sovereign power in the event of the minority, illness, or absence of the King shall be laid down by Statute. Where on the vacancy of the Throne there is no Successor to the Throne, the Parliament shall elect a King and establish the future order of succession to the Throne.

Section 10: Civil List

1. The Civil List of the King shall be granted for the duration of his reign by Statute. Such Statute shall also provide for the castles, palaces, and other State property which shall be placed at the disposal of the King for his use.

2. The Civil List shall not be chargeable with any debt.

Section 11: Annuities

Members of the Royal House may be granted annuities by Statute. Such annuities shall not be enjoyed outside the Realm except with the consent of the Parliament.