Foreign Relations and Foreign Treaties

Chapter IX Foreign Relations and Foreign Treaties

Article 120: International Relations

Procedures for the relations of the Republic of Estonia with other states and with international organizations shall be determined by law.

Article 121: Ratification of Treaties

1. The Parliament shall ratify and denounce treaties of the Republic of Estonia:
  1. which amend state borders;
  2. the implementation of which requires the adoption, amendment or annulment of Estonian laws;
  3. by which the Republic of Estonia joins international organizations or leagues;
  4. by which the Republic of Estonia assumes military or assets obligations;
  5. where ratification is prescribed.

Article 122: Land Border

1. The land border of Estonia shall be determined by the Tartu Peace Treaty of February 2, 1920, and other international border treaties. The sea and air borders of Estonia shall be determined on the basis of international conventions.

2. A two-thirds majority of the complement of the Parliament shall be mandatory for the ratification of treaties which amend Estonian state borders.

Article 123: Restrictions to Treaties

1. The Republic of Estonia shall not conclude foreign treaties which are in conflict with the Constitution.

2. If Estonian laws or other acts are in conflict with foreign treaties ratified by the Parliament, the articles of the foreign treaty shall be applied.