Local Government

Chapter XIV Local Government

Article 154: Local Government Functions

1. All local issues shall be resolved and regulated by local government, which shall operate independently in accordance with the law.

2. Obligations may be imposed upon local government only in accordance with the law or in agreement with local government. Expenditures related to the obligations imposed on local government by law shall be covered from the national budget.

Article 155: Units

The units of local government are districts and towns. Other units of local government may be formed in accordance with the bases and procedures determined by law.

Article 156: Representation

1. The representative body of local government shall be the council, which shall be elected in free elections for a term of three years. The elections shall be general, uniform and direct. Voting shall be secret.

2. In the election of the local government council, all persons who have reached the age of eighteen years and who reside permanently on the territory of that local government unit shall have the right to vote, in accordance with conditions determined by law.

Article 157: Budget

1. Local government shall have independent budgets, for which the principles of formation and procedures shall be determined by law.

2. Local governments shall have the right, based on the law, to impose and collect taxes and to impose fees.

Article 158: Borders

Borders of local government units may not be altered without taking into consideration the opinion of the respective local governments.

Article 159: Joint Institutions

Local governments shall have the right to form leagues and joint institutions together with other local governments.

Article 160: Organization by Law

The organization of local government and the supervision of its work shall be determined by law.