State Defence

Article 98
1. Defensive war is a sovereign right of Georgia.
2. Georgia has military forces for the defence of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and for the fulfillment of international obligations.
3. The structure and composition of military forces is determined by law. The structure of the military forces is confirmed by the President and its size is confirmed by the Parliament by the majority of the total number of deputies upon the recommendation of the Council of National Defence.

Article 99
1. The Council of National Defence is created for military construction and organisation of the defence of the country, which is headed by the President.
2. The composition, authority and procedures of the Council of National Defence is determined by organic law.

Article 100
1. The use of military forces during a state of emergency or for the fulfillment of international obligations is prohibited without the agreement of Parliament.
2. For the purpose of state defence, in special cases, or cases envisaged by law, the decision to permit the entrance in, use and movement of military forces of other countries on the territory of Georgia is made by the President. The decision is immediately submitted to Parliament for approval and it enters into force upon the consent of Parliament.

Article 101
1. The defence of Georgia is the duty of every citizen.
2. The defence of the country and the fulfilment of military duties is obligatory for every eligible citizen. The form of military duty is determined by law.