Article 31
Althingi shall be composed of 63 Members elected by the people by secret ballot on the basis of proportional representation for four years in these constituencies:

1. Reykjavik constituency.

Includes Reykjavik.

2. Reykjanes constituency.

Includes: Gullbringusysla, Grindavikurkaupstadur, Keflavikurkaupstadur, Njardvikurkaupstadur, Kjosarsysla, Gardakaupstadur, Hafnarfjardarkaupstadur, Kopavogskaupstadur and Seltjarnarneskaupstadur.

3. Vesturland constituency.

Includes: Borgarfjardarsysla, Akraneskaupstadur, Myrasysla, Snaefellsnes- and Hnappadalssysla and Dalasysla.

4. Vestfirdir constituency.

Includes: Austur-Bardastrandarsysla, Vestur-Bardastrandarsysla, Vestur-Isafjardarsysla, Bolungarvikurkaupstadur, Isafjardarkaupstadur, Nordur-Isafjardarsysla and Strandasysla.

5. Nordurland vestra constituency.

Includes: Vestur-Hunavatnssysla, Austur-Hunavatnssysla, Skagafjardarsysla, Saudarkrokskaupstadur and Siglufjardarkaupstadur.

6. Nordurland eystra constituency.

Includes: Eyjafjardarsysla, Akureyrarkaupstadur, Dalvikurkaupstadur, Olafsfjardarkaupstadur, Sudur-Thingeyjarsysla, Husavikurkaupstadur and Nordur-Thingeyjarsysla.

7. Austurland constituency.

Includes: Nordur-Mulasysla, Seydisfjardarkaupstadur, Sudur-Mulasysla, Eskifjardarkaupstadur, Neskaupsstadur and Austur-Skaftafellssysla.

8. Sudurland constituency.

Includes: Vestur-Skaftafellssysla, Vestmannaeyjakaupstadur, Rangarvallasysla, Arnessysla and Selfoss.

Seats in Althingi are divided between constituencies in the following way:

a. Seats are divided between constituencies as follows:

  • Reykjavik constituency -- 14 seats
  • Reykjanes constituency -- 8 seats
  • Vesturland constituency -- 5 seats
  • Vestfirdir constituency -- 5 seats
  • Nordurland vestra constituency -- 5 seats
  • Nordurland eystra constituency -- 6 seats
  • Austurland constituency -- 5 seats
  • Sudurland constituency -- 6 seats
b. At least eight seats shall be allocated to constituencies before each election in accordance with provisions in the law on elections.

c. One seat may be allocated to a constituency after each election in accordance with provisions in the law on elections.

In allocating seats according to the election results, it shall be ensured to the extent possible that each political party having gained a seat in Althingi receive the number of Members of Althingi which is as closely as possible in accordance with the total number of votes it has obtained. In doing so, up to one fourth of the seats in each constituency, under subparagraphs a and b of paragraph 2 of this Article, may be allocated taking into account the election results in the country as a whole. The same applies to the allocation of a seat under subparagraph c of paragraph 2.

Article 32
Sessions of Althingi are held in one chamber.

Article 33
All persons who are 18 years of age or older when an election is held and have Icelandic nationality have the right to vote in elections to Althingi. Permanent domicile in Iceland is also a requirement for voting when the election take place, unless exceptions from this rule are stipulated in the law on elections to Althingi.

Further provisions regarding elections to Althingi shall be laid down in the law on elections.

Article 34
Every national having the right to vote in elections to Althingi and an unblemished reputation is eligible to be elected to Althingi.

Judges of the Supreme Court, however, are not eligible.

Constitution : Iceland