Article 62
The Evangelical Lutheran Church shall be the State Church in Iceland and, as such, it shall be supported and protected by the State.

This may be altered by law.

Article 63
The people are entitled to establish communities for the worship of God in conformity with their individual convictions; however, nothing may be preached or practiced which is prejudicial to good morality and public order.

Article 64
No person may lose his civil or national rights because of his religion, nor may he refuse to perform any civic duty because of it.

No person is obliged to contribute personal dues to any religious worship other than his own.

If a person is not a member of the State Church or any other recognized religious group in the country, he shall pay to the University of Iceland or benefit fund of that university, as may be determined, dues otherwise payable to the State Church.

This may be altered by law.

Constitution : Iceland