Article 31
(1) Every citizen has the right to receive education.

(2) Every citizen has the obligation to undertake basic education, and the government has the obligation to fund this.

(3) The government shall manage and organize one system of national education, which shall increase the level of spiritual belief, devoutness and moral character in the context of developing the life of the nation and shall be regulated by law.

(4) The state shall priorities the budget for education to a minimum of 20% of the State Budget and of the Regional Budgets to fulfill the needs of implementation of national education.

(5) The government shall advance science and technology with the highest respect for religious values and national unity for the advancement of civilization and prosperity of humankind.

Article 32
(1) The state shall advance the national culture of Indonesia among the civilizations of the world by assuring the freedom of society to preserve and to develop cultural values.

(2) The state shall respect and preserve local languages as national cultural treasures.