The National Economy and Social Welfare

Article 33
(1) The economy shall be organized as a common endeavor based upon the principles of the family system.

(2) Sectors of production which are important for the country and affect the life of the people shall be under the powers of the State.

(3) The land, the waters and the natural resources within shall be under the powers of the State and shall be used to the greatest benefit of the people.

(4) The organization of the national economy shall be conducted on the basis of economic democracy upholding the principles of togetherness, efficiency with justice, continuity, environmental perspective, self-sufficiency, and keeping a balance in the progress and unity of the national economy.

(5) Further provisions relating to the implementation of this article shall be regulated by law.

Article 34
(1) Impoverished persons and abandoned children shall be taken care of by the State.

(2) The state shall develop a system of social security for all of the people and shall empower the inadequate and underprivileged in society in accordance with human dignity.

(3) The state shall have the obligation to provide sufficient medical and public service facilities.

(4) Further provisions in relation to the implementation of this Article shall be regulated by law.