Local Self-Administration

Article 91
Local self-government in the Kyrgyz Republic is carried out by local associations which manage affairs of a local character within the bounds of the law and under their own responsibility.

Article 92
Local self-government is exercised through the local keneshes and other bodies, which may be formed by the population itself in the procedure established by law. Bodies of local self-government may have communal property in their own possession and at their own use and disposal.

Article 93
The basis for organization and the activities of bodies of local self-government is established by the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, which also regulate their mutual relations with bodies of state power.

Article 94
Bodies of local self-government may be endowed with separate governmental powers, accompanied by transfer [to them] of the material, financial, and other means necessary for their execution. Bodies of local self-government are accountable to state bodies concerning transferred power.

Article 95
1. Local keneshes approve and control programs of social-economical development of the territory and social protection of the population; approve the local budget and report on its implementation and also hear information on the use of extra-budgetary funds;

2. Local keneshes of rayons, towns and oblasts have the right to express by majority vote of two-thirds of the total number of deputies, no confidence in the head of the local state administration of the corresponding territorial unit.

3. Local keneshes act independently from local state administration.

4. Local keneshes, within the limits of their powers adopt acts binding for implementation on their territory.

5. Local keneshes and other bodies of local self-government are responsible before the state for observation and implementation of laws and before local society for the results of their activities.