The Judiciary

The Supreme Court shall be formed of a President and of Judges appointed by a Decree, and prior taking office, they shall take oath before the King.

The President and Judges of the Court shall retire when they have completed the sixty-fifth year of their age (Gregorian).

The competences of the Supreme Court shall be determined by the law which shall likewise arrange and designate the competences of the other judicial authorities.

The courts shall hold their sessions in public, unless a court decides to hold its session in secret in the interest of public order and morality.

The Judges shall be independent; and in the administration of justice they shall be answerable only to the law. They may not be removed from office, as in the manner prescribed in the law.

The conditions of appointing the Judges, their transfer and the disciplinary actions taken against them shall be prescribed by law.

The function of the Parquet, its competences and its connection with the Judiciary shall be organised by law.

Appointment of the Members of Parquet in the courts, the disciplinary actions taken against them and their removal shall be in accordance with the conditions determined by law.

The arrangement of Martial Courts, the manifestation of their competences and the conditions necessary to be required in those who take charge of justice therein shall be organised by law.

ARTICLES (150) to (158)
Articles 150 to 158 are repealed by Law No. 1 of 1963.