General Provisions

Arabic shall be the official language of the State.

Cases in which a foreign language may be used in official transactions shall be determined by law.

The Kingdom of Libya has two capitals: Tripoli and Benghazi.

The extradition of political refugees shall be prohibited. International treaties and the laws shall prescribe the grounds for the extradition of ordinary criminals.

Foreigners shall be deported only in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The legal status of foreigners shall be prescribed by law in accordance with the principles of International Law.

The State shall guarantee respect for the systems of personal status of non-Moslems.

General amnesty shall not be granted except by law.

A law shall determine the manner in which the land, sea and air forces are established and organised.

No provision of this Constitution may be suspended under any circumstances except where such suspension is temporary in time of war or during the operation of martial law and is in accordance with law. In any event a parliamentary session may not be suspended when the conditions prescribed by this Constitution for the holding of such a session exist.

The King or either of the two Chambers may propose the revision of this Constitution either by the amendment or decision of one or more of its provisions or by the insertion of additional provisions.

No proposal may be made to review the provisions relating to the monarchal form of government, the order of succession to the throne, the representative form of government or the principles of liberty and equality guaranteed by this Constitution.

For the purpose of reviewing this Constitution, each of the two Chambers shall, by an absolute majority of all its members, adopt a resolution stating the necessity for the review and prescribing the subject thereof. The two Chambers shall, after discussing the matters subject to review, adopt their decisions in respect thereof. Discussion and voting in each of the two Chambers shall not take place unless three-quarters of its members are present. The resolution to be valid must be adopted by a majority of three-quarters of the members present in each of the two Chambers and must be sanctioned by the King.

Article 199 is  repealed by Law No. 1 of 1963.

Immigration into Libya shall be regulated by law.