The State its Territory and the Grand Duke

Article 1 Independent State
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a democratic, free, independent, and indivisible State.

Article 2 Boundaries
The boundaries and chief towns of judicial or administrative districts and of cantons and communes may only be changed pursuant to a law.

Article 3 Hereditary Crown
The Crown of the Grand Duchy is hereditary in the Nassau family in accordance with the Pact of 30 June 1783, Article 71 of the Treaty of Vienna of 9 June 1815, and Article 1 of the Treaty of London of 11 May 1867.

Article 4 Grand Duke
The person of the Grand Duke is inviolable.

Article 5 Majority and Oath of the Grand Duke
(1) The Grand Duke of Luxembourg attains his majority on the completion of eighteen years of age. On assuming the reins of government, he shall take the following oath as soon as possible, in the presence of the Chamber of Deputies or of a deputation appointed by it:

(2) "I swear to observe the Constitution and the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, to maintain the national independence and integrity of the territory, as well as public and individual liberties."

Article 6 Succession of Minors
If on the death of the Grand Duke his successor is a minor the regency shall be exercised in accordance with the Family Pact.

Article 7 Inability
(1) If the Grand Duke finds he is unable to reign, the regency shall be ensured as in the case of minority.

(2) Should the Throne become vacant, the Chamber shall make temporary arrangements for the regency. A new Chamber, to be summoned with double the customary number of members within thirty days, shall take the final steps to fill the vacancy.

Article 8 Oath of the Regent
(1) On taking up his functions the Regent shall take the following oath:

(2) "I swear to be faithful to the Grand Duke; I swear to observe the Constitution and the laws of the country."