Government of the Grand Duchy

Article 76 Organization of Government
The Grand Duke regulates the organization of his Government, which shall consist of at least three members.

Article 77 Ministers
The Grand Duke appoints and dismisses the members of Government.

Article 78 Responsibility
Members of the Government are responsible.

Article 79 No Intermediate Authority
There is no intermediate authority between the members of Government and the Grand Duke.

Article 80 Government and Parliament
(1) Members of the Government have access to the Chamber and must be heard at their request.

(2) The Chamber may require their presence.

Article 81 No Relief of Responsibility
In no case shall an oral or written order of the Grand Duke relieve a member of the Government of responsibility.

Article 82 Accusation
The Chamber has the right to accuse members of the Government. A law shall determine the cases of responsibility, the penalties to be inflicted, and the procedure to be followed as regards either the accusation admitted by the Chamber or the action brought by the injured parties.

Article 83 No Pardon for Ministers
The Grand Duke my not pardon a condemned member of the Government except at the request of the Chamber.

                                              Council of State

Article 83bis Council of State, Litigation Committee
(1) The Council of State is called to express its views on bills and proposition of law and amendments that might be proposed thereto, as well as on all other matters deferred to it by the Government or by the laws. On articles voted on by the Chamber pursuant to Article 65, it gives its opinion within the time limits set by the law.

(2) The organization of the Council of State as well as the way its prerogatives are carried out, are regulated by law.