Structure of the State

Article 41 [Powers]
The structure of the State shall include:
  1. the executive power, consisting of the President of the Republic and the Government;
  2. the legislative power, formed by the National Assembly and the Senate;
  3. the judicial power, exercised by the Administrative and Financial Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court, Courts of Appeal, Tribunals, and the High Court of Justice.
Article 42 [Remuneration]
The law shall determine the amount, the conditions, an the method of payment of the salaries to individuals elected to fulfill the duties or carry out the functions provided for in this Constitution.

Article 43 [No Corruption]
(1) No one called to carry out an office under this Constitution may accept presents or remuneration, except for his official salary, from any person or corporation domestic or foreign, under penalty of dismissal.

(2) The application of these provisions shall be determined by law.