The State and Sovereignty

Article 25:
Mali is an independent, sovereign, indivisible, democratic, secular, social Republic. Its principle is to be a government of the People, by the People and for the People. The institutions of the republic are:
  • The President of the Republic;
  • The Cabinet;
  • The National Assembly;
  • The Supreme Court;
  • The Constitutional Court;
  • The High Court of Justice;
  • The High Council of Territorial Collectives;
  • The Economic, Social and Cultural Council.
The National emblem shall be composed of three equal vertical stripes of green, gold and red.

The motto of the Republic is "One People – One Purpose – One Faith" (Un Peuple – Un But – Une Foi).

The National Anthem is "LE MALI".

Law will determine the Seal and the Coat of Arms of the Republic.
French is the official language. Law will determine the method for making official and promoting national languages.

Article 26:
The Sovereignty of the nation belongs entirely to the People, who shall exercise it through their representatives or by vote of referendum. No faction nor any individual may exclusively claim this exercise of sovereignty.

Article 27:
The right to vote is universal, equal and secret. According to conditions defined by law, all citizens of voting age are electors demonstrating their civic and political duties.  

Article 28:
The political parties shall concur as to the expression of suffrage. They may form and exercise their activities freely within the conditions determined by law. They must respect the principles of national sovereignty, democracy, integrity of the territory, national unity, and the secularity of the State.