The Judicial Power

Article 81:
The judicial power is independent of the executive and legislative powers. It shall be exercised by the Supreme Court and the other Courts and Tribunals. The power of the judiciary is the guardian of the liberties defined by this Constitution. It guards the rights and liberties defined by this Constitution. It is charged to apply, in its proper domain, the laws of the Republic.

Article 82:
Magistrates shall not be suppressed in the exercise of their duties, but by the authority of the law. Seated Magistrates may not be removed. The President of the Republic is the guarantor of the independence of the judicial power. The Superior Council shall watch over the management of the Magistrates’ careers and shall give its opinion on any question concerning the independence of the Magistracy. The Superior Council of the Magistracy serves as the Council of discipline for the Magistrates. Organizational law shall establish the composition, organization, allocations, and functioning of the Superior Council of the Magistracy. Law shall likewise establish the status of the Magistracy with respect to conformity with the principles of this Constitution.