Article 68
1. Amendments to the Constitution may be initiated by organizations and officials enjoying the right to legislative initiative and / or proposed by the Constitutional Court to the State Ikh Hural.
2 A national referendum on constitutional amendment nay be held on the concurrence of not less than two thirds of the members of the State Ikh Hural. The referendum shall be held in accordance with the provisions of Clause 16, Section 1, Article 25 of the Constitution.

Article 69
1. An amendment to the Constitution shall be adopted by not less than three fourths of votes of all members of the State Ikh Hural.
2. A draft amendment to the Constitution which has twice failed to win three fourths of votes of all members of the State Ikh Hural shall not be subject to consideration until the State Ikh Hural sits in a new composition following general elections.
3. The State Ikh Hural shall not undertake amendment of the Constitution within 6 months pending the next general elections.
4. Amendment which have been adopted shall be of the same force as the Constitution.

Article 70
1. Laws, decrees and other decisions of state bodies, and activities of all other organizations and citizens should be in full conformity with the Constitution.
2. This Constitution of Mongolia shall enter into force at 12.00 hours on the 12 the of February of 1992, or at the hour of Horse on the prime and benevolent ninth day of Yellow Horse of the first spring month of Black Tiger of the year of Water Monkey of the Seventeenth 60-year Cycle. Learn and Abide.