Article 88: Members of the Government shall be penally responsible for crimes and felonies they may commit while exercising their functions.

Article 89: They may be indicted by the two Houses of Parliament: and referred to the High Court of Justice for trial.

Article 90: The proposed draft for indictment must be signed by at least a quarter of the members of the House in which it was tabled first. It shall be examined successively by the two Houses and shall be approved only when an identical vote is cast by each House by secret ballot and a two- third majority of its members with the exception of those members called upon to take part in conducting the prosecution and the investigation process and issuing the verdict.

Article 91: The High Court of Justice shall consist of equal numbers of members elected from the House of Representatives and the House of Counsellors. Its President shall be appointed by Royal Decree.

Article 92: An organic law shall determine the number of the High Court members, the method of their election and the Rules of Procedure to be adopted.