The State


We, the people residing in the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma have throughout history lived in harmony and unity sharing joys and sorrows in weal or woe.

The people of the land have endeavored with perseverance and undaunted courage, for the attainment of independence, displaying throughout their struggles for national liberation against imperialism an intense patriotism, spirit of mutual help and sacrifice and have aspired to Democracy and Socialism.

After attaining independence, the power and influence of the feudalists, landlords, and capitalists had increased and consolidated due to the defects in the old Constitution and the ill-effects of capitalistic parliamentary democracy. The cause of Socialism came under near eclipse.

In order to overcome this deterioration and to build Socialism, the Revolutionary Council of the Union of Burma assumed responsibility as a historical mission, adopted the Burmese Way to Socialism, and also formed the Burma Socialist Programme Party.

The Burma Socialist Programme Party has drafted the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma, in accordance with the wishes of the people, after extensive and thorough discussions with them, for the purpose of building a peaceful and prosperous socialist society to which the working people of the national races have long aspired.

We, the working people, firmly resolved that we shall-

  • faithfully follow the leadership of the Burma Socialist Programme Party,
  • build a socialist economic system by the Burmese Way to Socialism, for the country to be peaceful and prosperous, opposing all pernicious systems characterized by exploitation of man by man, and of one national race by another, with a view to promoting justice and goodwill among the people, and to freeing them from apathy and callousness, ignorance, backwardness and want of opportunity,
  • build a socialist democratic social order which will afford an opportunity to the people to shape their own destiny, by the Burmese Way to Socialism,
  • live forever in harmony unity and racial equality sharing joys and sorrows through weal and woe in the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma,
  • efficiently perform all duties and fulfil all obligations in the interest of the State and for the cause of Socialism while enjoying the democratic rights and personal rights and freedom bestowed by this Constitution,
Constantly strive to promote international peace and friendly relations among the nations, do adopt this Constitution of the Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma by a nation-wide referendum this IIth day of the waxing of Pyatho of the year 1335 B.E. (the 3rd day of the month of January, 1974 A.D.).

Article 1
Burma is a sovereign independent Socialist State of the working people. The State shall be known as The Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma.

Article 2
The Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma is a State wherein various national races make their homes together.

Article 3
The territory of the State shall be the land, sea and airspace which constitute its territory on the day this Constitution is adopted.

Article 4
National sovereignty shall reside in the entire State.