Citizenship Law

ARTICLE 8. Citizenship at the Commencement of the Constitution:
(1) Persons who have acquired citizenship at the commencement of this Constitution and the persons who are eligible to acquire citizenship by virtue of the provisions of this Part shall be the citizens of Nepal.
(2) At the commencement of this Constitution, the following persons who have their domicile in Nepal shall be deemed to be citizens of Nepal by descent:
  1. a person who has acquired citizenship by descent before the commencement of this Constitution,
  2. any person whose father or mother is a citizen of Nepal at the birth of such person.
(3) Every child who is found within the territory of Nepal and the whereabouts of whose parents are not known shall, until the father or mother of the child is traced, be deemed to be a citizen of Nepal by descent.
(4) Whenever any territory is acquired by way of incorporation into Nepal, every person having his domicile within such territory shall become a citizen of Nepal, subject to the provisions of the laws in force.  
(5) Any person born till the end of Chaitra, 2046 (mid April, 1990) and has been residing permanently in Nepal shall acquire the citizenship of Nepal by birth as per the laws in force. Provided, that application to that effect shall be submitted within the timeframe prescribed for onetime as per the provision of the laws in force.
(6) A woman of foreign nationality who has a matrimonial relationship with a Nepalese citizen may acquire naturalized citizenship, if she desires to do so, pursuant to the laws in force.
(7) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Article in the case of a person born to the women citizen of Nepal married to a foreigner, if such a person is born in Nepal and has been residing permanently in Nepal who has not acquired citizenship of the foreign country by virtue of the citizenship of his/her father he/she may acquire the naturalized citizenship of Nepal pursuant to the laws in force.

ARTICLE  9. Naturalized or Honorary Citizenship:
Except as provided for in Article 8, the Government of Nepal may grant naturalized or honorary Nepalese citizenship as per the provision of the law.

ARTICLE 10. Acquisition and Termination of Citizenship:
Other necessary provisions including the acquisition and termination of the citizenship shall be as provided for in the laws.

ARTICLE 11. Citizenship Team to be Assigned:
Government of Nepal shall assign Citizenship Distribution Team to provide citizenship to the persons eligible to acquire citizenship as provided for in the laws in force.