Article 39. Socialist culture, which is flourishing and developing in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, contributes to the improvement of the creative ability of all the people and to meeting their sound cultural and aesthetic demands.

Article 40. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea shall, by carrying out a thorough cultural revolution, train all the people to be builders of socialism and communism equipped with a profound knowledge of nature and society and a high level of culture and technology, thus making the whole of society intellectual.

Article 41. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea shall develop a truly popular, revolutionary culture which serves the socialist working people. In building a socialist national culture, the State shall oppose the cultural infiltration of imperialism and any tendency to return to the past, protect its national cultural heritage, and develop it in keeping with the existing socialist situation.

Article 42. The State shall eliminate the way of life inherited from the outmoded society and establish a new socialist way of life in every sphere.

Article 43. The State shall put the principles of socialist education into practice and raise the new generation to be steadfast revolutionaries who will fight for society and the people, to be people of a new communist type who are knowledgeable, morally sound and physically healthy.

Article 44. The State shall give precedence to public education and the training of cadres for the nation and combine general education with technological education, and education with productive labour.

Article 45. The State shall develop universal compulsory eleven-year education which includes a compulsory one-year preschool education at a high level in accordance with the trend of modern science and technology and the practical requirements of socialist construction.

Article 46. The State shall train competent technicians and experts by enhancing the regular educational system as well as different forms of study while working, and by improving the scientific and theoretical levels of technical education and education on social science and basic science.

Article 47. The State shall provide education to all pupils and students free of charge and grant allowances to students of universities and colleges.

Article 48. The State shall strengthen social education and provide the working people with all available conditions for study.

Article 49. The State shall maintain all children of preschool age in creches and kindergartens at State and public expense.

Article 50. The State shall establish Juche in scientific research, introduce advanced science and technology in every possible way, open up new areas of science and technology and raise the country’s science and technology to the world level.

Article 51. The State shall elaborate a correct plan to develop science and technology, set up a strict discipline to implement it, and strengthen creative cooperation among scientists, technicians and producers.

Article 52. The State shall develop a Juche-oriented, revolutionary art and literature, national in form and socialist in content. The State shall encourage creative workers and artists to produce works of high ideological and artistic value and enlist the working masses widely in literary and artistic activity.

Article 53. The State shall provide sufficient modern cultural facilities to meet the demands of the people who want to continually improve themselves, both mentally and physically, so that the working people may enjoy a socialist cultured, aesthetic life to their hearts’ content.

Article 54. The State shall safeguard our language from all attempts to obliterate it and shall develop it to meet present-day needs.

Article 55. The State shall thoroughly prepare the people for work and national defence by popularizing physical culture and sport and making it their daily regime, and augment sporting skills to meet our country’s reality and the trend in modern sporting skills.

Article 56. The State shall protect people’s lives and improve the working people’s health by consolidating and developing the system of universal free medical service and improving the district doctor system and the system of preventive medicine.

Article 57. The State shall adopt measures to protect the environment in preference to production, preserve and promote the natural environment and prevent environmental pollution so as to provide the people with a hygienic environment and working conditions.