The State and the System of Government


On the Issue of the Basic Law of the State:
We11, Qaboos bin Said, Sultan of Oman, In confirmation of the principles which have guided State policy in various fields during the past period, and in asserting our determination to continue efforts to create a better future characterised by further achievements which will bring benefits to the Country and its Citizens.
And in our determination to strengthen Oman's international position and its role in establishing the foundations of peace, security, justice and co-operation between different States and Peoples.
And in accordance with the exigencies of the public interest, have decreed the following:
The issue of the Basic Law of the State in accordance with the attached form of words.
This Decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force with effect from its date of issue.

Article (1) The Sultanate of Oman is an independent, Arab, Islamic, fully sovereign state with Muscat as its capital.

Article (2) The religion of the State is Islam and the Islamic Shariah is the basis of legislation.

Article (3) Arabic is the official language of the State.

Article (4) The law shall determine the State’s Flag, its Emblem, its decorations and medals and its National Anthem.

Article (5) The system of government is an hereditary Sultanate in which succession passes to a male descendant of Sayyid Turki bin Said bin Sultan. It is a condition that the male who is chosen to rule should be an adult Muslim of sound mind and a legitimate son of Omani Muslim parents.

Article (6) Within three days of the position of Sultan becoming vacant, the Ruling Family Council shall determine upon who will succeed to the Throne. If the Ruling Family Council does not agree upon a successor, the Defence Council shall confirm the appointment of the person designated by the Sultan in his letter to the Family Council.  

Article (7) Before exercising his powers the Sultan shall swear the following oath at a joint session of the Oman and Defense Councils:
“I swear by Almighty God to respect the Basic Law of the State and the Laws, to fully protect the interests and freedoms of the citizens, and to preserve the independence of the country and its territorial integrity.”

Article (8) The Government shall continue to conduct its business as usual until the Sultan is chosen and begins to exercise his powers.

Article (9) Rule in the Sultanate shall be based on justice, Shura Consultation and equality. Citizens shall have the right to take part in public affairs - in accordance with this Basic Law and the conditions and circumstances defined in the Law.