Final and Transitional Provisions

Article 290  Lex Ex Ante
(1) The constitutional laws subsequent to 25 April 1974 not safeguarded in this chapter are considered ordinary laws, without prejudice to the provisions of the following paragraph.

(2) Ordinary law enacted before the entry into force of the Constitution continues to be in force except in so far as it is contrary to the Constitution or the principles laid down therein.
Article 291  Districts
(1) Pending concrete establishment of the administrative regions, the division into districts of the areas not covered by them continue.

(2) Each district has, on conditions to be laid down by law, a deliberating assembly made up of representatives of the municipalities.

(3) The civil governor, assisted by a council, is empowered to represent the Government and exercise supervision in the area of the district.
Article 292  Statute of Macao
(1) While under Portuguese administration, the territory of Macao abides by a statute adequate to its special situation.

(2) The statute of the territory of Macao embodied in Law number 1/76, of 17 Feb, and incorporating the amendments thereto that were introduced by Law number 53/79, of 14 Sep,continue in force.

(3) Upon proposal of either the Legislative Assembly of Macao, or the Governor of Macao, the latter after having heard the Legislative Assembly of Macao, the Assembly of the Republic is empowered to amend or to replace the statute after having sought the opinion of the Council of State.

(4) Where the proposal is approved with amendments, the President of the Republic may not promulgate the decree of the Assembly of the Republic unless the Legislative Assembly of Macao or, as appropriate, the Governor of Macao give a favorable opinion.

(5) The territory of Macao has its own judicial organization, autonomous and adapted to the specificities of that territory, in conformity with the law; the latter safeguards the principle of the independence of the judges.
Article 293  Self-Determination and Independence of East Timor
(1) Portugal remains bound by her responsibilities under international law to promote and safeguard the right to self-determination and independence of East Timor.

(2) The President of the Republic and the Government have the powers to perform all acts necessary for achieving the aims set forth in the preceding paragraph.
Article 294  Indictment and Trial of Officers and Personnel of PIDE/DGS
(1) Law No. 8/75 of 25 July 1975 remains in force with the amendments made by Law No. 16/75 of 23 Dec 1975 and Law No. 18/75 of 26 Dec 1975.

(2) The offences referred to in Articles 2 (2), 3, 4b and 5 of the Law referred to in the foregoing paragraph may be further defined by law.

(3) The exceptional extenuating circumstances as provided for in Article 7 of the said Law may be specifically regulated by law.
Article 295  Special Rule on Political Parties
The provisions of Article 51 (3) apply to the political parties set up before the entry into force of the Constitution; the law lays down rules in that respect.
Article 296  Principles Applicable to the Re-Privatization Provided for in Article 85 (1)
The framework law provided for in Article 85 (1) safeguards the fundamental principles as follows:

a) The re-privatization of the ownership or the right to exploit means of production or other property nationalized after 25 April 1974, as a rule and preferably, are carried out by way of open public competition, offers in the stock exchange or public subscription;
b) The revenue obtained as a result of the re-privatizations is used only for the purpose of redempting the national debt, sinking the debt of the State owned businesses, servicing the debt contracted as a result of the nationalizations, or new investments in the capital stock of the productive sector;
c) The workers of re-privatized businesses in the process of re-privatization keep all their rights and duties;
d) The workers of re-privatized businesses acquire the preferential right to subscribe to a part of the latter's capital stock;
e) The value of means of production and other property to be re-privatized is previously estimated by two or more independent entities.
Article 297  Provisional Statute of the Autonomous Region of Madeira
The provisional statute of the Autonomous Region of Madeira remains in force until the entry into force of the corresponding definitive statute.
Article 298  Date and Entry Into Force of the Constitution
(1) The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic bears the date of the adoption thereof by the Constituent Assembly, namely 2 April 1976.

(2) The Constitution of the Portuguese Republic enters into force on 25 April 1976.