The Guiding Principles of the Society

Article 18
The Qatari society is based on the values of justice, benevolence, freedom, equality, and high morals.

Article 19
The State shall maintain the pillars of the society and ensure security, stability, and equal opportunities for all citizens.

Article 20
The State shall strive to strengthen the spirit of national unity, cooperation, and fraternity among all citizens.

Article 21
The family is the basis of the society. A Qatari family is founded on religion, ethics, and patriotism. The law shall regulate adequate means to protect the family, support its structure, strengthen its ties, and protect maternity, childhood, and old age.

Article 22
The State shall provide care for the young, and protect the same from corruption, exploitation, evils of physical, mental and spiritual neglect. The State shall also create conducive circumstances for developing their capabilities in all fields based on sound education.

Article 23
The State shall foster public health; provide means of prevention from diseases and epidemics and their cure in accordance with the law.

Article 24
The State shall foster, preserve and help disseminate sciences, arts, cultural and national heritage, and encourage scientific research.

Article 25
Education is one of the basic pillars of social progress. The state shall ensure, foster, and endeavor to spread it.

Article 26
Ownership, capital and labour constitute the foundation of the social structure of the State; and the same are individual rights with a social function and which shall be regulated by the law.

Article 27
Private property is inviolable; and no one shall be deprived of his property save by reason of public benefit and in the cases prescribed by the law and in the manner stated therein provided that the person concerned is fairly compensated.

Article 28
The State shall guarantee freedom of economic enterprise on the basis of social justice and balanced cooperation between private and public activity in order to achieve socio-economic development, increase in production, achieve public welfare, raise standard of living, and provide job opportunities in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Article 29
Natural wealth and its resources are the property of the State; and the State shall preserve and exploit the same in the best manner in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Article 30
The employee- employer relationship shall be based on the ideals of social justice and shall be regulated by law.

Article 31
The State shall encourage investment and shall provide the necessary guarantees and facilities for it.

Article 32
The law shall regulate State loans.

Article 33
The State shall preserve the environment and its natural balance in order to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development for all generations.