Public Rights and Duties

Article 34
The Citizens of Qatar shall be equal in public rights and duties.

Article 35
All persons are equal before the law and there shall be no discrimination whatsoever on grounds of sex, race, language, or religion.

Article 36
Personal freedom shall be guaranteed and no person may be arrested, detained, searched, neither may his freedom of residence and mobility be restricted save under the provisions of the law; and no person may be subjected to torture, or any degrading treatment; and torture shall be considered a crime punishable by law.

Article 37
The sanctity of human privacy shall be inviolable, and therefore interference into privacy of a person, family affairs, home of residence, correspondence, or any other act of interference that may demean or defame a person may not be allowed save as limited by the provisions of the law stipulated therein.

Article 38
No citizen shall be banished neither shall he be denied re-entry to his country.

Article 39
An accused person is presumed innocent until his conviction is proved before a count of law wherein the necessary guarantees of the right of self-defense are secured.

Article 40
No crime and no punishment save as prescribed by the law and no penalty save on the acts committed subsequent to the enforcement of that law; and punishment is personal. The provisions of the laws shall have no effect save on the acts committed from the date of the enforcement of the said laws. These provisions shall have no effect on the acts which occurred prior to the enforcement of the said laws; however, it may be stipulated otherwise by a majority of two- thirds of Al-Shoura Council in case of non-criminal provisions.

Article 41
The Qatari nationality and the rules governing it shall be prescribed by law, and the same shall have the similar power as that of the constitution.

Article 42
The State shall ensure the right of citizens to elect and be elected in accordance with the law.

Article 43
Taxes shall be founded on social justice and henceforth may not be levied save by a law.

Article 44
The right of the citizens to assemble is guaranteed in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Article 45
The right of citizens to establish association is guaranteed in accordance with the conditions and circumstances set forth in the law.

Article 46
Individuals have the right to address public authorities.

Article 47
Freedom of expression of opinion and scientific research is guaranteed in accordance with the conditions and circumstances set forth in the law.

Article 48
Freedom of press, printing and publication shall be guaranteed in accordance with law.

Article 49
All citizens have the right to education; and the State shall endeavor to make general education compulsory and free of charge in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the State.

Article 50
Freedom to practice religious rites shall be guaranteed to all persons in accordance with the law and the requirements of the maintenance of public order and morality.

Article 51
The right of inheritance shall be maintained and governed by Shari'a law.

Article 52
Every person who is a legal resident of the State shall enjoy protection to his person and property in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Article 53
Defending the country is a duty of every citizen.

Article 54
The public post is a national service; and a public employee shall make public interest his only objective when performing the duties of his post.

Article 55
Public funds are inviolable and its protection is a duty of everyone in accordance with the law.

Article 56
General confiscation of property is prohibited. The penalty of confiscation of private property shall only be imposed by a court judgment and in cases specified by the law.

Article 57
The respect of the Constitution, compliance with the laws issued by Public Authority, abiding by public order and morality, observing national traditions and established customs is a duty of all who reside in the State of Qatar or enter its territory.

Article 58
Extradition of political refugees is prohibited; and the law shall determine conditions of granting political asylum.