Article 169
The State has the following security organs :
  1. The National Police;
  2. The National Security Service;
  3. The Rwanda Defence Forces.
A law may determine other security organs.


Article 170
The National Police exercises its authority over the entire national territory.
It must serve the people particularly on the basis of the following principles :
  1. safeguarding the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the law ;
  2. harmonious collaboration between the National Police and the community which it serves ;
  3. the accountability of the National Police to the community ;
  4. informing the population on how the Police is fulfilling its mission.
Article 171
The National Police has the following functions :
  1. ensuring compliance with the law ;
  2. maintenance of  internal public order ;
  3. ensuring security of person and property;
  4. providing urgent humanitarian assistance in case of disasters, calamities and accidents;
  5. ensuring respect for the law relating to air space, borders and waters;
  6. combating terrorism ;
  7. participating in international peace keeping missions, humanitarian assistance and training.
The law determines the organization, functioning and powers of the National Police.


Article 172
There is hereby established a National Security Service. Its responsibilities shall include, inter alia:
  1. organizing and supervising intelligence inside and outside the country;
  2. analysing the impact of international affairs on national security;
  3. dealing with all issues relating to immigration and emigration;
  4. advising the Government on all issues concerning national security.
The law determines the organisation, functioning and powers of the National Security Service.


Article 173
National defence is the responsibility of a professional army known as the "Rwanda Defence Forces". It has the following duties :
  1. to defend the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the Republic;
  2. to collaborate with other security organs in safeguarding public order and enforcement of the law;
  3. to participate in humanitarian activities in case of disasters;
  4. to contribute to the development of the country;
  5. to participate in international peace keeping missions, humanitarian assistance and training.
A law determines the organization and powers of the Rwanda Defence Forces.

Article 174
The Chief of General Staff shall be responsible for the operations and general administration of the Rwanda Defence Forces.

Article 175
  1. The Government of Rwanda can, demobilize some members of the armed forces if deemed necessary or reduce the size of Rwanda Defence Forces.
  2. A law shall determine procedures for such actions.