Section 22. Committees and Sub-Committees of the Council
(1) The Council may constitute committees and sub-committees and shall specify their remit and duties and may specify any restriction or condition on the committee or sub-committee which it considers appropriate.
(2) A committee may constitute sub-committees and shall specify their remit and duties and may specify any restriction or condition on the subcommittee which it considers appropriate.
(3) A sub-committee constituted by a committee shall not have any remit  or duty beyond those of that committee, and shall obey any restriction orcondition placed upon that committee.
(4) The Council may appoint or remove any member of a committee or sub-committee. A committee may appoint or remove a member of any subcommittee constituted by it.
(5) A committee, or the Convener thereof, shall (if so authorised by the Council in the remit of the committee) have the power to co-opt any person as a member of that committee.
(6) A member of a committee or sub-committee need not be a member of the Council or of the Society and a committee or sub-committee may have a majority of members who are not members of the Council or of the Society.

Section 23. Notice to members of Society
Any notice or other document required by or under this Constitution to be sent to a member of the Society shall be sent to such member at his place of business.

Section 24. Council may hold referendum of members of the Society 
The Council may if it thinks fit and shall on a requisition signed by not fewer than 50 members of the Society and deposited with the Secretary ascertain the views of the members of the Society at any time on any question affecting the Society or the members thereof by holding a referendum of its members and the Council shall make such arrangements as it considers proper for that purpose, including issuing to every member of the Society a voting paper and arranging for the scrutiny of voting papers. The Council shall include in its annual report a report of any referendum taken during the year.

Section 25. Standing orders
(1) Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, the Council may by standing orders make provision with respect to—
  1. keeping minutes of General Meetings of the Society; and
  2. any other matters which the Council considers would facilitate the conduct of business of meetings of the Society, or of the Council, or of any committee or sub-committee of the Council.
(2) Standing orders made under this Article or under any other provision of this Constitution may be varied or revoked at any time by the Council.

Section 26. Validity of acts of Council
The acts and proceedings of the Council shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among its members or by any defect in the election or qualification of any member.

Section 27. Expenses of members of Council and committees  
There shall be paid to the members of the Council and of committees thereof such travelling and other expenses in respect of attendance at meetings as may be approved by the Council.