Being an Act to make provision for a new Constitution of Sierra Leone, and for connected purposes [1st October, 1991]

BE IT ENACTED by the President and Members of Parliament in this present Parliament assembled, as follows:

Declaration of Republic.
1. Sierra Leone is a Sovereign Republic, the boundaries of which are delimited in the First Schedule hereto.

Public seal.
2. The Public Seal of the Republic shall be such a device as Parliament shall prescribe.

The National Flag and National Anthem.
3. (1)
  1. The Flag of which the design is described in paragraph (b) hereof is hereby declared to be the National Flag of Sierra Leone
  2. The design of the Flag shall be from the top of the Flag to the bottom thereof, three horizontal stripes of green, white and blue.
  3. The normal size of the Flag for official use shall be in the proportion of nine units across to six units down.
(2) The National Anthem of the Republic shall be such as Parliament shall prescribe.