Article 168 (Proposal to Initiate the Procedure)
A proposal to initiate the procedure for amending the Constitution may be made by twenty deputies of the National Assembly, the Government or at least thirty thousand voters.

Such proposal is decided upon by the National Assembly by a two-thirds majority vote of deputies present.

Article 169 (Acts Amending the Constitution)
The National Assembly adopts acts amending the Constitution by a two-thirds majority vote of all deputies.

Article 170 (Confirmation of Constitutional Amendments by Referendum)
The National Assembly must submit a proposed constitutional amendment to voters for adoption in a referendum, if so required by at least thirty deputies.
A constitutional amendment is adopted in a referendum if a majority of those voting voted in favour of the same, provided that a majority of all voters participated in the referendum.

Article 171 (Promulgation of Constitutional Amendments)
Constitutional amendments enter into force upon their promulgation in the National Assembly.