Article 6
The social objectives of the State shall aim at:

a. The identification of the potentialities for development of the own natural environment and the enlarging of the capacities to ever more expand those potentialities;

b. Guaranteeing the participation of the community in the political life among other ways through national, regional and sectoral participation;

c. Guaranteeing a government policy aimed at raising the standard of living and of well-being of the society, based upon social justice, the integral and balanced development of State and society;

d. An equitable distribution of the national income, directed towards a fair distribution of well-being and wealth over all strata of the population;

e. Regional spreading of public utilities and economic activities;

f. The improvement of codetermination by the employees in companies and production units in the taking of decisions about production, economic development and planning;

g. Creating and improving the conditions necessary for the protection of nature and for the preservation of the ecological balance.