The Head of State

Article 1
The Head of State shall be kept informed by the Prime Minister concerning the affairs of the Realm.  When so required the Government shall convene in a special Cabinet meeting under the presidency of the Head of State.
Article 2
(1) Only a person who is a Swedish citizen and has attained the age of twenty-five years may serve as Head of State.  The Head of State may not at the same time be a member of the Government or hold a mandate as Speaker or as a member of the Parliament.

(2) The Head of State shall consult the Prime Minister before travelling abroad.
Article 3
If by reason of illness, foreign travel, or any other cause the King is prevented from carrying out his duties, then that member of the Royal Family under the valid order of succession who is not prevented therefrom shall take over and perform the duties of the Head of State in the capacity of temporary Regent.
Article 4
(1) Should the Royal Family become extinct, the Parliament shall appoint a Regent to perform the duties of Head of State until further notice.  The Parliament shall at the same time appoint a Deputy Regent.

(2) The same applies if the King dies or abdicates and the heir to the throne has not yet attained the age of twenty-five years.
Article 5
If the King has been continuously prevented for a period of six months from carrying out his duties, or has failed to carry them out, the Government shall notify the matter to the Parliament.  The Parliament shall decide whether the King shall be deemed to have abdicated.
Article 6
(1) The Parliament may appoint someone, on the Government's recommendation, to serve as Temporary Regent when no one competent under Article 3 or 4 is in a position to serve.

(2) The Speaker, or, if he is prevented from attending, one of the Deputy Speakers, shall serve as Temporary Regent, on the Government's recommendation, when no other competent person is in a position to serve.
Article 7
The King cannot be prosecuted for his act or omissions.  A Regent cannot be prosecuted for his act or omissions as Head of State.