General Provisions


The National Assembly of the Republic of China, by virtue of the mandate received from the whole body of citizens, in accordance with the teachings bequeathed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen in founding the Republic of China, and in order to consolidate the authority of the State, safeguard the rights of the people, ensure social tranquility, and promote the welfare of the people, do hereby establish this Constitution, to be promulgated throughout the country for faithful and perpetual observance by all.

Article 1      
The Republic of China, founded on the Three Principles of the People, shall be a democratic republic of the people, to be governed by the people and for the people.

Article 2     
The sovereignty of the Republic of China shall reside in the whole body of citizens.

Article 3     
Persons possessing the nationality of the Republic of China shall be citizens of the Republic of China.

Article 4     
The territory of the Republic of China according to its existing national boundaries shall not be altered except by resolution of the National Assembly.

Article 5     
There shall be equality among the various racial groups in the Republic of China.

Article 6     
The national flag of the Republic of China shall be of red ground with a blue sky and a white sun in the upper left corner.