Article 73: The Government of the Republic consists of the Prime Minister, her or his First Assistant and assistants, ministers, and the chairs of governmental committees. The Government ensures the effective management and functioning of the economy and the social and spiritual spheres, as well as of compliance with laws, decisions of Parliament, and decrees and orders of the President of Tajikistan. The members of the Government do not have the right to occupy another office, be deputies in representative organs, or engage in entrepreneurial activity.

Article 74: In accordance with the Constitution and laws of the republic, the Government issues resolutions and orders, the execution of which is obligatory over the entirety of the territory of the republic. The Government relinquishes its powers before a newly elected President. In the event that the Government declares that it is unable to function normally, it may present its resignation to the President. Each member of Parliament has the right to resign. The organization, operations, and powers of the Government are determined by constitutional law.

Article 75: The government presents socio-economic programs and issues of extension and receipt of governmental credit, the provision of economic assistance to other states, draft state budgets, the possible amount of the state budget deficit, and sources to cover this deficit to Parliament for review.