Public authorities

Article 145. The local government authorities
(1) There shall be established local government authorities in each region, district, urban area and village in the United Republic, which shall be of the type and designation prescribed by law to be enacted by Parliament or by the House of Representatives.
(2) Parliament or the House of Representatives, as the case may be, shall enact a law providing for the establishment of local government authorities, their structure and composition, sources of revenue and procedure for the conduct of their business.  

Article 146. Functions of Local Government Authorities
(1) The purpose of having local government authorities is to transfer authority to the people. Local government authorities shall have the right and power to participate, and to involve the people, in the planning and implementation of development programmes within their respective areas and generally throughout the country.
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subarticle (1) of this Article, a local government authority, in conformity with the provisions of the law establishing it, shall have the following functions:
  1. to perform the functions of local government within its area;
  2. to ensure the enforcement of law and public safety of the people; and
  3. to consolidate democracy within its area and to apply it to accelerate the development of the people.