Amendments of the Constitution

Article 72  [Initiative, Prohibited Amendments]
The initiative for the amendment of the Constitution belongs to the President of the Republic or to at least one-third of the members of the National Parliament, with the reservation that it does not affect the republican form of the State.
Article 73  [Deliberation, Majority, Second Reading]
(1) The National Parliament may not deliberate on the proposed amendment except following a resolution passed by an absolute majarity and after a special ad hoc committee has determined and studied the objective.
(2) The Constitution cannot be amended except following the adoption by the National Parliament of the amendment proposal with a majority of two-thirds of its members after two readings, the second of which may not take place until at least three months after the first.
Article 74  [Promulgation]
The President of the Republic promulgates the law which contains the provision of the Constitution under the form of a constitutional law in conformity with Article 52.